short guide on house music
musical comment
history of house music
house music as we know today has been developed over a period of more than 30 years up to a large variety of different sounding styles. based on musical influences like the disco days in the 70's, funk & soul in the 80's as well as r&b and gospel, electronic beatmachines gave deejays first a chance to express their feelings and let people take part on their acoustical ideas.

house music was simply made to have fun, to enjoy amazing disco nights and a unique sound which touches everbody's soul & love. house music is about being real, being soulful and about appreciating what the poineers of house music have left behind. on the right side you'll find a short list of selective articles, links and videos to get a first impression about the phenomenon named 'house music' and some of its greatest artists!
:: stay true to the underground and what you love and live for ::